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Courtney Barclay

Creative Director

Born and raised in Southern California, Courtney Barclay received her dance training from any and every teacher, studio and convention around. A graduate of Orange County School of the Arts, Courtney went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from UCLA with two degrees in World Arts and Cultures/Dance as well as in Communication Studies. Upon graduating college, Courtney became the Creative Director of Evoke Dance Movement in Carlsbad, CA. There, she developed the studio’s contemporary curriculum, contributed to the students’ reputation for performance quality and commitment, and discovered her true love for choreography. Concurrently, Courtney trained and performed as a member of Entity Contemporary Dance Company under the direction of Will Johnston and Marissa Osato. 


Since her career began, Courtney has received countless choreography awards and accolades and has gone on to choreograph stand-out pieces at studios and high schools throughout the country.  Most notably, Courtney was a selected choreographer for the 2017 Capezio ACE Awards, where she was honored to display her work alongside some of the best choreographers around. Courtney constantly strives to offer an original and unique choreographic perspective on dance, performance, and the music that accompanies them. Above all else, Courtney takes immense pride in being a role model to young dancers, offering them an example of hard work and commitment to one’s craft.

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