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Stacy Sopher

Studio Owner

Stacy Sopher along with daughter Cassie Roberts opened Evoke Dance Movement in 2010. Stacy has been in the industry as a student, teacher, choreographer, manager, director, and studio owner over the past 45 years. Stacy began her dance training at the age of 5. She has been trained in most genres of dance but specializes in jazz and lyrical. 

Special events found her at the young age of 18 when she was hired for her first large scale event. Choreographing for Radio City Productions for the Superbowl XXII half time show and Eventures Productions for the US Olympic Festival were 2 of her most memorable highlights. 

Stacy now has a long list of students, current and former, who are pursuing dance in college, teaching dance at studios and schools, and who currently have agents and are working in the dance & entertainment industry. Many movies, tv shows, commercials, live performances, and reality shows are on this incredible list of opportunities her and her students have had. 

She has put together one of the most talented faculties in the industry today. Her teachers and choreographers are highly educated and well versed in the genres they teach. Stacy will continue to keep Evoke as a studio for the focused and dedicated dancer, who may want to pursue this as a career and/or study it at the college level. While talent is important, she feels teaching kindness and respect for others and their dance environment will always be at the forefront of Evoke’s mission.

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